Green sand – For better tasting tomato organic soil conditioner.

Green sand is a naturally occurring iron – potassium silicate , also know as glauconite . Is this your tomatoes require additional performance boost , which is filled with tomato vitamins and minerals needed to produce a thriving crop with a strong fruit flavor. Fertilization with roses , to extend their flowering next year , this is a good choice. Roses and other flowers thrive in the green sand , which is a marine potash , silica , iron oxide , magnesia, lime , phosphoric acid and other trace minerals supply, the other about 30 trace minerals. Greensand will improve your plant health , soil conditioners loosen heavy clay, it is a great choice, it is 100% organic , as environmental friendly. It not only can Soil Testing be used to open a tight soil such as clay is a natural mineral , it will be combined with loose sandy soil , retention third , if it is the weight of the water . Green sand is sand sediment type , dark green glauconite grains , typically mixing clay or sand. In Arkansas , New Jersey and Texas in some places , it is mined in the United States . Green sand is the main component of potassium carbonate and hydrated iron silicates . It releases its nutrients, so it can easily be exchanged by the plants in the soil effect.

It is insoluble in water, but not burning plants. Safe handling , odorless, can be applied at any time of the year.